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January 2014


New Android version released:

  • "joystick" type controls applied across all levels.
  • Added sailor or non sailor question

November 2013


New Android version released:

  • to test "joystick" type visual controls.
  • recoded all text and buttons to auto size for different phone screens
  • Feedback screen added

5 June 2013

Bug Fix

  • Image in tide help file tweaked

3 June 2013


  • Android upgraded version now available in Play Store, look for "sailing simulator" or "2sail"

Simulator Changes

  • Added Start line Bias
  • Added 5 levels on tides and currents
  • tweaked the ingame results so it is now harder to get "Master sailor"


  • Started new results page

26 April 2013


  • Android version now available in Play Store, look for "sailing simulator" or "2sail"

Simulator Changes

  • Added "Coaches Suggestions" screen, what levels to play depending on your skill
  • Added "Coaches Tips" screen, how to make the most of improving your sailing

25 March 2013

Simulator Changes

  • tweaked code to record results more reliably

8 March 2013



  • Android version now under test (not available in Play Store ... yet)
  • Multiplayer Development continueing

Simulator Changes

  • Completely re-arranged the level selections, so all levels are visible
  • Added start (Orange) and Finish (Blue) flags to every level
  • Added "arrows" (black on yellow) to guide you as to what direction you need to go
  • Added in Game "recognition" when finishing each level ... "Master" or "Champion" or "Novice" or "need to learn more"
  • Variety of internal changes to allow for tablet version eg touch screen controls on all levels
  • More work on displaying "wind angles" in level 109 (spreading wind in gust).
  • Added "About" screen


  • removed links to old versions (Free, Club Champ and Regatta)

1 February 2013

Game Changes

  • Improved scrolling on Level Selection screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Login setting

31 January 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Level 109, fixed wind angles in gusts & lighting (got broken in transfer)

30 January 2013

Christmas regatta season is finally over, now back to 2sail

Game Changes

  • There has been quite a lot of optimisation going on, to help it run faster and smoother
  • The game is now played as 1 version, that includes all the levels (Play Combo) ... makes it easier to play everything
  • If you have never understood windshifts or picked them all ... now you can practice.
  • Did you know you can get windshifts out of gust ... as they spread? (see level 109)

21 December 2012

Upgraded website

  • added promo video
  • added "hints" page ... various levels and sailing hints described

Other Game Changes

  • Lots of work going on behind the scenes ... optimising code to make it run faster on slower machines (not yet released).
  • More news on this soon

26 November 2012

Congratulations to Josh1787 who played the 3000'th game.

22 November 2012

Milestone coming up

  • Almost 3,000 games played ... who will play the 3,000'th ?

10 November 2012

New Games ... Regatta Master levels

  • Level 201: Boom vang settings in light airs
  • Level 202: Vang settings in Medium winds
  • Level 203: Vang controls in Strong and Variable winds
  • Level 204: Downwind Challenge ... keep it upright in 30 knots downwind!
  • Level 205: Start Line Bias, hone your skills on getting the correct end to start

29 October 2012

New Game Features

Another level on windshifts added to paid version

  • level 108: Windshift Race 1 ... this will test you,
    3 different types of windshifts to deal with and a strong wind "blast" downwind


  • Added challenge: if you hit something while going fast or too many times ... the mast breaks

28 October 2012

Other Game Changes

  • Fixed Bug on logon screen so "Register" actually takes you to registration page

25 September 2012

New Game Features

Another 3 levels on windshifts added to paid version

  • level 105: Windshifts off land, headlands
  • level 106: Windshifts curve off land
  • level 107: Windshifts Weather forecast


  • Tweaked the timing on some levels to make it slightly easier to progress

20 September 2012


  • Added Explaination in text into each level, it disappears just after you click anywhere.
  • Tweaked sensitivity of steering in free levels to make it easier to tack

7 September 2012

Next Game released: "Club Champion"

New levels are now online:

  • Level 101: Understanding telltales
  • Level 102: Trim weight, throw over that secret anchor and go faster
  • Level 103: Trim and Balance, in gusty conditions
  • level 104: Windshifts, what they are and what to do.


  • For those people that have paid for the more advanced levels, thankyou,
  • Not sure if you have paid or not ?
  • Just click on the "Game" > "Play (Club Championship)" , then Login as ususal. You can either play or select a payment ... depends.
  • "Regatta Master" remains the best value.


  • Re-Arranged High Results to reflect new game

5 September 2012


  • added "Hints" page (under "Info" Menu) to assist people getting through the game and improving their sailing ability

30 August 2012


  • in preparation for Club Champion games, had to change the address of the free version,
  • so you need to put in your sign on details again (once only, if you click the remember me).

29 August 2012

Other Game Changes

  • Added CHPS logo to Sail, Chapman High Perfomance Sails
  • fixed bug where in some circumstances a capsized boat could come back up with a broken mast, yuk!

28 August 2012

New Game Features

  • Level 12 added ... to show the sail controls that are coming up in the paid versions
  • level 13 added ... more wind, again all this and how to control it with trim and vang will be explained in paid versions


  • adjusted Results for "Fast starters" sorted on finish time to reflect that you need to start on time AND fast.

27 August 2012


  • Change to Personal results, now need to input your username (or anybody elses)
  • Added Charts to Personal results
  • Added comparison charts, so you can see what success others are having
  • Login then go to results

22 August 2012

New Game Features

  • Level 11 added: Your first race using the skills so far

Other Game Changes

  • Adjusted position of start line in Level 10, so easier to judge (now more accurately off stern of boat)

20 August 2012


  • Uploaded new version, to adjust error tracking module


  • added page showing personal results, under results ... need to log in

19 August 2012

New Game Features

  • Level 10, test your starting skills: added

Other Game Changes

  • When moving up a level by "unlocking next level", you will now be automatically sent to the next level "help screen".
  • With luck this will show you what you need to do and how to do it for each new level.
  • Remember you can select any level by using the << "back arrows", takes you to the selection list.


  • Speed seems to be back the old "high speed" mode which is great.

15 August 2012

New Game Features

  • Levels 8 & 9 added:
  • Level 8 Balance with your weight
  • Level 9 Balance by easing sails out in the gusts

Other Game Changes

  • clicking "results" now open in new tab (if you allow popups from this site ... click the allow button)
  • Fixed a help button in one of the "how To Play" window
  • In Steering levels, can now hit the mark and not stop, but if you hit the land you will stop!
  • Also on Steering levels, adjusted the land ... shallow water position

Website Changes

  • Changed Menu "Login" to "My Account"
  • Our hosts are working on a problem which has caused some slow page loads, stay with us.


11 August 2012

Level 7 added ... sailing downwind and gybing

10 August 2012

Levels 5 & 6 ... added:

Level 5 Tacking ... just steer upwind around the marks, sails are auto.

Level 6 Go upwind from Jetty to finish, you will need to pull the sails on and tack (a few times).

8 August 2012

Levels 3 & 4 now released:

Level 3 Steering challenge ... get between the islands

Level 4 Steering and Mainsail ... use your skills so far

Wind bug now fixed, so levels 1 & 2 are now also fair again

6 August 2012

The Sydney Boat Show was great ... did we see you there ?

Congratulations to "Crash Test Dummy" who is currently on the top of the table ... can you beat that score ?

First the good news, there is a small window of opportunity to improve your score ... by playing lots of games, the wind gets stronger (and more eratic) ... so you go faster ... and get faster times. The trick is to play level 2 lots of times, then go back and play level 1 !

Then the bad news, this Wednesday I will fix this "bug" so that the wind will reset properly and I will probably reset the scores too ... to make it fair again.

Also on Wednesday you will have some extra levels (steering) for you to play.

and then another 4 levels by Friday, stay tuned for more fun.

2 August 2012

Progress is moving quickly now

All the game infrastructure is complete so focus is now on the levels and associated help screens.

2 levels are now playable ... Mainsail Challenges

The website is taking pre orders (at reduced price)

Results can be compared online (need to sign on) ... are you a winner ?

Every few days more levels will be added, keen for this to be completed by mid August so we can move onto other exciting components.

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