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Not Received confirmation email

Hi there
I am not receiving the email that is supposed to be sent as part of the registration, either in regular or junk mail. I have paid the $15.
What should i do next. My email address is Ron@


Hi  Ron,

firstly thanks for the payment,

now onto the problem ...
you should have received a confirmation email but occassionally a spam filter somewhere (possibly at ISP along the way) traps it.

I have manually enabled your user name.

Please try loading and logging onto the game, you should also be able to log onto the website, this gives you access to some more detailed Personal Results summaries and "hints" page including a video (watch the long one).

Please contact me again if any issues,
Also please contact me again after you have played various levels, tell me what you think and how I can improve it ?

try out the windshifts levels (level 101 and above) . Need to play each level a few times to see what is going on.
You can jump to any level at any time ... just click the index icon on the left side in the game.

Happy sailing


Browsers PC & MAC ...

Please see full Install instructions seperate page

When you visit the site next time and Select "Game" > "Play" from the menu ... the game** will open automatically.

* Chrome will automatically install the plugin and load the game

** You will automatically be opening the upgraded version of the game each time you visit.

*** Internet Explorer 9 for Windows7, 64 bit version has known errors, Aug 2012, it says "unsupported browser", please use Chrome

*** There is an unsupported (no responsibility) Windows 64 bit player available if you would really like to try it More info

Play Instructions

  • I recommend using a real "mouse", the controls are really hard to use if using only a "trackpad" or "pointer"
  • When you point your mouse to an item ... eg sail or rudder ... it should "light up" with a greenish colour, then click (and hold click) to more it around.

If something Goes wrong !!

  • I am really keen to resolve issues if I possibly can,
  • please email me ...  sail @ 2 sail .net
  • or phone me +61 2 9477 7979 Aussi Sydney 8am to 8pm only please
  • No confirmation email within say 1 hour (normally within 1 minute) ... please email me so I can fix it or update your info.
  • Game doesn't load or work at all ... email me with info: eg PC or Mac, type of browser, version of browser and operating system (if you know them)
  • Game really hard to control, may be a slower (older) machine ... try running game in normal size, NOT full screen mode, close other programs that are running.
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