2Sail Sailing Simulator is available on

Google Play and Apple app store

It can also be run in "android emulator" mode using Bluestacks.

Getting the most from 2Sail Sailing

Well Before the First session

Information you need

At the first session

For The Sailor

Well Before the First Session

  • Download the app
  • Step through the controls (5 minutes here will help you ... a lot)
  • Sign up to the Free 14 day trial
  • Start sailing to practise controls
  • Optional: Continue through the step by steps
  • Download Zoom if your instructor will be using it

Information you need

  • 2Sail Private - Server Name:  (likely to be the country you live in)
  • 2Sail Private - Harbour Name:  (text / number combo less than 12 chars set by the instructor)
  • 2Sail Private - Name of you or your boat: (any name, displayed to all)
  • Zoom room number:
  • Zoom password:

At the First Session

  • Start zoom and log in
  • Start 2Sail, tap Private - Friends ... enter the information as above
  • tap "Go Racing"




For the Coach / Instructor

 more coming here ... Oct 2021


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