Sailing Simulator on Steroids

Use the simulator to go through various scenerios with sailors and coaches

Coaching tools

  • Powerboat mode (of course)
  • Rack all the boats together with a single button
  • add text and voice communication
  • "skyhook" for coach boat to hold in any location and angle before "rack up"
  • eg just before bottom mark or rounding top mark on port?
  • adjust start line and course bias
  • adjust wind direction & strength + gusts (type, frequency, size, strength, direction, starting point and more)
  • adjust tide (strength & direction)
  • "helper graphics" for wind & tide directions, shadows etc


2Sail-Simulator- Sailing

Sailing Tactics and Windshifts

  • Observing where there is more (or less) wind
  • "reading" land shape & gusts (spreading, new wind or oscillating)
  • Get there faster by taking the shorter course
  • Dealing with tide, when to get into it, or out of it
  • Tide effect on the start line, each leg and at mark roundings


Racing for Boat speed

How to make your (real) boat go faster

  • Weight and balance, more than sitting on the side but when and where
  • Sail settings trading speed and height (angle to wind)
  • Vang (kicker) twist on sail
  • Centreboard (daggerboard) control side drift and speed (friction)
  • Halyard



Learn to Sail (going upwind)

  • showing nogo zone
  • Sail boats can not sail directly upwind, they must "zig zag" upwind.
  • if you try to sail too close to the wind direction, the sail flaps and boat slows down
  • Controls on this step include mainsail and steering then find the best course upwind (not the red zone)
  • Visuals to use include luffing & flapping sail and telltales on luff (front part of sail)

An easy and efficient way to "understand" the mechanics of sailing, try it yourself




The best way is to "Play the Game" for yourself:

Free multiplayer version for all the basics

Download on Android* & Apple*

Advanced features available for 14 day free trial

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