Hints (Sailing and Game)

Works best using a real "mouse" (if using a computer)

Now also on Android Tablets

2 Minute intro



More detailed video of the different levels



Setting the sails ... Levels 1 & 2


  • let it out till it starts to "flap" then pull it in a bit.

Basic sailing:

  • Going upwind (towards the wind) ... pull the sails all the way on
  • Going downwind (away from the wind) ... let the sails all the way out
  • Reaching (across the wind) ... sails "halfway"
  • a flappy sail is an unhappy sail ... pull it on.


  • The boat goes fastest when the sails are eased out, but not so far as the front edge starts to "curve"

Boats will not sail "into" the wind

  • if you want to go upwind, you need to go in a zig zag course upwind, you can NOT sail directly into the wind

Tacking upwind ... Level 5 & 6

  • Generally keep the sails on when going upwind
  • To avoid getting stuck into wind ... point up (sail closer towards where the wind is) AND pull the sail on ... get speed THEN Tack (turn).
  • When turning the boat towards the wind (tacking), steer from closer towards the wind (closehauled) to closehauled.
  • If you try to tack from a reach (wind across the side) then the boat will slow down too much and you may start going backwards, point up (closehauled) first AND pull the sail on, before you start to tack.
  • Steering through a tack takes some care ... enough steering to get through, but not too much steering or you slow down (and stop), this is a trial and error, every boat is different. Look at the angle of the "Rudder" (steering) on the screen, about 45 degrees is good.

Sailing Downwind ... Level 7

  • Generally ease the sails all the way out
  • there is a spot in level 7 where the boat is "reaching" (sailing across the wind), pull the sails on a bit

Balance with Weight ... Level 8

  • This is just some practise moving around
  • Generally in light airs, you "heel" (lean) the boat to "leeward" (towards the side the sail is on)
  • When going directly downwind (in light airs and in a single sail boat) ... heel the boat to windward (a lot) for max speed.

Balance with sail ... Level 9

  • If the wind gets too much, ease the sail out
  • This level is about preventing a capsize.
  • Sailing the boat "flat" in a strong breeze is in a later level

Fast Start ... Level 10

  • The aim on any start line is 3 targets:
    • start in the right spot (not required for this level)
    • start on time, (close up to the line but not over, when the flag drops)
    • start with speed, as fast as possible
  • This level is scored on a finish line put just past the start line, so need to start on time AND with speed to win.

First race ... Level 11

  • put it all together
  • start, reach, downwind

Level 12 ... taste the sail shape, this is what is to come

Level 13 ... taste some high wind,

  • see if you can get the boat "planning", when the "wake" (waves out the back) changes and you go fast.


Club Champion Levels

Level 101 ... Telltales

  • steer to make the telltales both horizontal (straight, flat)
  • if the far one stands up (or twirls) (on Leeward side, away from the wind), steer closer to the wind
  • if the close one stands up (windward side, close to the wind), steer a bit further away from the wind

Level 102 & 103 ... Trim "the big secret anchor"

  • in light airs, sit forward ... far enough for the "bubbles" at the back (stern of boat) to stop
  • Stronger wind, sit back to avoid nose dive
  • Get this right and notice a dramatic improvement in your sailing speed

Level 104, 105, 106, 107 ... Windshifts

  • These are on most sailing courses every time, use them to take huge shortcuts.
  • These levels demonstrate 4 different common types, how to recognise them anywhere.

Level 108 ... Windshift Race

  • Put it all together, use your telltales and your knowledge to get around this course faster
  • If you get to the top mark in time, use the huge gust to plane downwind "fast".


Regatta Master Levels

Level 201, 202, 203 ... Boom Vang

  • Light winds
    • upwind: pull it on a bit
    • Downwind: ease it out
  • Medium winds
    • Upwind: pull it on heaps
    • Downwind: let it out
  • Strong winds
    • Upwind: ease it out a bit ... to allow you to spill wind and sail the boat flat
    • Downwind: On a little bit to keep control, if you let it right out you may capsize to windward

Level 204 ... Downwind Challenge

  • In Strong winds, downwind, either pull the vang on a bit or pull the mainsail on a bit to keep control and prevent windward capsizes,
  • Ease them both out to go the fastest ... but also not very stable

Level 205 ... Start Line Bias

  • Try to work out which end of the line is further upwind
  • Start at that end
  • The finish is just upwind of the favoured end
  • Finish in under 20 secs: good, under 10 secs: better, under 5 secs: brilliant

Level 206 ~211 ... Tides and current

  • Tricky little thing this, get it right or don't finish.
  • Each level has the tide coming from a different direction,
  • Look at the help diagrams to see what to do.
  • There is just enough wind to succeed but not make many mistakes
  • Don't forget to use trim and vang or you won't make it


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