Hints (Sailing and Game)

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Setting the sails


  • let it out till it starts to "flap" then pull it in a bit.

Basic sailing:

  • Going upwind (towards the wind) ... pull the sails all the way on
  • Going downwind (away from the wind) ... let the sails all the way out
  • Reaching (across the wind) ... sails "halfway"
  • a flappy sail is an unhappy sail ... pull it on.


  • The boat goes fastest when the sails are eased out, but not so far as the front edge starts to "curve"

Boats will not sail "into" the wind

  • if you want to go upwind, you need to go in a zig zag course upwind, you can NOT sail directly into the wind

Tacking upwind

  • Generally keep the sails on when going upwind
  • To avoid getting stuck into wind ... point up (sail closer towards where the wind is) AND pull the sail on ... get speed THEN Tack (turn).
  • When turning the boat towards the wind (tacking), steer from closer towards the wind (closehauled) to closehauled.
  • If you try to tack from a reach (wind across the side) then the boat will slow down too much and you may start going backwards, point up (closehauled) first AND pull the sail on, before you start to tack.
  • Steering through a tack takes some care ... enough steering to get through, but not too much steering or you slow down (and stop), this is a trial and error, every boat is different. Look at the angle of the "Rudder" (steering) on the screen, about 45 degrees is good.

Sailing Downwind

  • Generally ease the sails all the way out

Balance with Weight

  • This is just some practise moving around
  • Generally in light airs, you "heel" (lean) the boat to "leeward" (towards the side the sail is on)
  • When going directly downwind (in light airs and in a single sail boat) ... heel the boat to windward (a lot) for max speed.

Balance with sail

  • If the wind gets too much, ease the sail out
  • This level is about preventing a capsize.
  • Sailing the boat "flat" in a strong breeze is in a later level

Fast Start

  • The aim on any start line is 3 targets:
    • start in the right spot (not required for this level)
    • start on time, (close up to the line but not over, when the flag drops)
    • start with speed, as fast as possible
  • This level is scored on a finish line put just past the start line, so need to start on time AND with speed to win.

First race

  • put it all together
  • start, upwind, downwind


Club Winners


  • steer to make the telltales both horizontal (straight, flat)
  • if the far one stands up (or twirls) (on Leeward side, away from the wind), steer closer to the wind
  • if the close one stands up (windward side, close to the wind), steer a bit further away from the wind

Trim "the big secret anchor"

  • in light airs, sit forward ... far enough for the "bubbles" at the back (stern of boat) to stop
  • Stronger wind, sit back to avoid nose dive
  • Get this right and notice a dramatic improvement in your sailing speed


Boom Vang (Kicker)

  • Light winds
    • upwind: pull it on a bit
    • Downwind: ease it out
  • Medium winds
    • Upwind: pull it on heaps
    • Downwind: let it out
  • Strong winds
    • Upwind: ease it out a bit ... to allow you to spill wind and sail the boat flat
    • Downwind: On a little bit to keep control, if you let it right out you may capsize to windward


  • Wind often blows "around" land shapes (headlands etc),
  • With careful positioning, you can make use of the "wind bending" to sail a shorter course
  • There is also reduced wind behind land and indeed behind other boats

Tide / Current

  • Get into* the current when it is going with you amd out* of it when it is going against you
  • use it to advantage (acts like a windshift) to help you get there faster
  • allow for it at marks ... if against you, over stand the mark, if with you then understand the layline / mark
  • allow for it at start line, depending on which way, it may change the favoured end ... and cause carnage at one end.



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