Coaches Suggestions

For the NON sailor:

  • Levels 1~11 ... are for you
  • Levels 1 & 2 ... for sail trimming
  • Levels 3~6 ... to learn steering skills
  • Keep learning the skills

For the sailor:

  • Levels 1~11 ... get used to the controls
  • Levels 101~103 ... must master all these
  • Levels 104~109 ... use windshifts to get you there faster
  • Levels 201~203 ... Changing controls to change gears,
  • Levels 204~211 ... Start Bias, Tides & current
  • to make the boat go faster

For the Coach:

  • Challenge your students to a particular level to suit their experience
  • Tools on the website to compare sailors by username (see Results > Group Comparison Charts)

Coaches Communications

For the Novice / Green fleet (just starting to get around the course)


With our next training session coming up a quick refresh of last time.

For this I recommend that you download and use the simulator on

Going upwind, pull the sail on, sit forward and sail the best course on the telltales.

Level 101 (which is free), lets you practice this perfectly:

  • no need to tack or change sail or balance settings
  • Just steer the best course to windward using the telltales, sounds easy, but the wind keeps changing direction!
  • Your challenge is to get *** (3 stars)

Level 102 & 103 add the "trim" component, (sitting forward in light winds)



For Competitve sailors


For the more competitive sailors, don't forget about getting into "wind lanes" or in front of the gusts.

Level 109 is good to try this:

  • watch for gusts coming and stay in front of them
  • when you are in the gust, always be sailing away from the centre or you will get a "knock"



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