Why was this game developed ?

There are reasons why things happen on a boat.

I call these "Fundamental Rules"

This game explains those Rules:

  • more than knowing WHAT to do
  • UNDERSTAND why, when and what to do about it.

This game has training modules which focus on each skill, allow mastery of complexity by removing all the distractions,

You can also race with all the complexities of a real boat.

Some of the "Fundamental Rules" are repeated over and over during a race, others maybe happen once a season or even less.

By allowing you to experience the differences in a controlled enviroment, you can compress years and years of experience into a short time period.

Good sailors are often going TWICE as fast as slower boats, it is not the boat, it is all about KNOWLEDGE.

About the developer

With over 40 years coaching experience

This game was carefully developed to highlight the tricks and techniques to go faster.

It is not about fancy graphics,

Everything that you see is a clue, to understand some aspect of sailing.

  • Sail shape:
    • twist
    • depth
    • draft position
    • luffing (when it just starts to curl at the front edge)
    • flapping
  • Telltales
  • flags
  • wind on the water
  • wake off the back of the boat
  • etc, etc

all will help you to understand a real boat.

The physics engine that drives the boat has been carefully crafted to respond to all the inputs:

  • Mainsheet
  • vang
  • outhaul
  • downhaul
  • rudder
  • balance
  • trim
  • wind shifts
  • wind strength
  • tide or current
  • land effect

Other Techniques to deal with

  • safely leaving and returning to shore
  • Start Line Bias
  • Starting Fast and On-time

and just like real boats the response is different depending on wind strength and what direction you are sailing in.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you in the game and on the water.


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